About Our Company

Stanford Engineering and Automation is a control systems integration firm that aims to benefit small companies throughout Colorado. Our company manages and performs new installations of instrumentation and control systems (aka SCADA systems) and offers maintenance and troubleshooting services as well. 

Our company engineers software and information systems for your automation needs. Instead of simply examining your electrical control needs and building upon that alone, our company takes a different approach. Our aim is to look at the whole picture, beginning by discussing your problems and practical business needs; then we move to operational concerns. From this we craft a base software design and a concept for a system that can interface with you and your process. We then work outward toward electrical and sensor interfaces that can help the controller "see" and "feel" the real world. During this process our software design is constantly updated based upon your ideas and our observations. Once the design is agreed upon by all the system is constructed.  This creates a robust system that is focused on your practical business and operational needs.  

But What Can You Do For Me?

Data is rapidly becoming more important in all industries. You may need a PAC-based (What is a PAC?) data collection system that can record turbidity or chlorine on a regular basis. Our company can do this and even help you store your data in the cloud or on site for use and analysis.  We can handle breweries, green houses, home automation and more. Perhaps you need to modify how your process functions to reduce cost.  We helped a small water system in Colorado do just that as well as reduce iron content in the distribution system, eliminated pump related water hammers and lowered electrical costs. See their project page here

Another water system wanted to integrate a PAC into their older relay logic controls for more flexible control over filter function and tank levels. The purpose of keeping the old relay logic was to have a backup control system, as requested, and to reduce cost. This is quite unusual, but we were quite willing to help the customer. Our PAC runs the entire plant, texts operators in the event of an emergency and displays information in the plant. See their project page here.  

One major project that our company is currently working on connects two separate water systems in the event of a catastrophic flood affecting a low-lying treatment facility. The PAC controller at the unaffected facility will take over treated water tank control for the damaged facility with a few clicks of a mouse. Thus avoiding prolonged loss of service to customers. This system can also serve as a backup water supply in the event of a major fire, in fact it has many uses. The concept page can be seen here.  

There are many other things that our company could help you with, even if it isn't a water system.  Contact us and tell us about your needs, we will be glad to help you.