About the Owner

Mr. David Stanford grew up in the water and wastewater industry. His father has run a multi-system operations firm since 1979. Mr. Stanford began working with his father at the age of 5 and began working as a water treatment and distribution systems operator at the age of 18.

Throughout the past 18 years Mr. Stanford has worked on various types of water systems ranging from small private systems with just fifteen homes to systems with over three hundred taps. Each of these water systems had their own unique control system to control wells, pumps, tank levels and treatment facilities. As a small system operator Mr. Stanford typically had to diagnose and repair these control systems himself. These systems ranged from old relay logic controls to PLC operated systems with microwave radio communications sending and receiving information from wells located miles away.

Over the years Mr. Stanford has managed projects ranging from pipeline upgrades and repairs to control system design and upgrade projects. He has also aided management of two brand new water treatment plants.

With time his interest in control systems grew and he decided to change careers. He attended college and gained a bachelor's degree in information technology specializing in software systems engineering. After graduation he trained in Opto 22 PAC programming. This knowledge base combined with his years of field experience allow him to work with a wide variety of systems. He constantly works to learn about new technologies and techniques to better serve his customers. His aim is to serve his customers in a personal and effective manner that will best suit their needs. Have the big electrical contractors passed you up because your project is too small? Would you like to explore more cost effective options than the big guys? Cont​acts us for a consultation.