SEA Projects

This is a small sample of projects that our company has participated in. We will be updating this page with information about past projects in the coming weeks and months. Check in regularly for updated info. 

From 1999 through 2006 this water system connected all 24 of their water wells to a central control location. This cut operator field time, reduced electric cost and allowed remote access to the system. 

This upgrade project improved water quality and greatly reduced the cost of operations. Simply by replacing old switches and relays with an Opto 22 PAC control system. Click here for the project page. 

This small water system has had Opto 22 for over 20 years and is upgrading and expanding their entire control system to be cutting edge. Click here for the project page.

Beulah Water has incrementally upgraded their control system to create greater flexibility in their process, reduce downtime and reduce cost. It is on track to be part of one of the more advanced systems in Colorado.